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How To Play Flash At 4x Joker Vegas Poker Online

Playing video poker in aams online casinos is convenient and fun. In fact, in the best Italian online casinos you can find many games including the 4X Joker Vegas, which you bet on 4 hands of 5 cards per game. This video poker is also available in the flash version, so you can play from the browser without downloading the casino, and you’ll have a way to choose between the practice mode, which allows you to try the free game, and the real money mode, which gives you the opportunity to make rich winnings by playing the 4X Joker Vegas from the comfort of your home.

To start playing, you only have to wait a few seconds for the video poker to load on your browser, after which you just have to set up the values ​​of the game as you like. You can increase or reduce the cost of the token and the number of coins to bet, then click on “cards!” To receive the 5 cards of your initial hand.

In the 4X Joker Vegas you use only one deck of 54 French cards in which there are also the 2 Jokers, which as Wild Cards, can replace the other cards of the deck allowing you to more easily make any combination of Table of Winnings.

When you receive the 5 cards of the main hand, you can select with a simple click, the cards you want to keep, while the rest will be replaced as soon as you click on “Cards!” Again. The cards you decide to keep are immediately displayed in the other 3 hands, and for each hand you will receive new cards in place of those that have not been selected.

The highest combination in the 4X Joker Vegas is the Royal Flush without Joker, with which you put a 400-coin payout in your pocket. The lowest is the Pair of Kings, and you win 1 coin. All the lower combinations of the latter do not pay anything. Another interesting aspect of this online video poker is the Gamble Game.

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